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Jarod: They move in on you, don’t they? The walls. You stare at them long enough and you swear they start creeping in on you.

Carl Will: You sound like a man that’s been on this side of the bars.

Jarod: It’s tough...when you don’t belong there. You’re least, that’s what you keep saying.

Carl Will: Nobody’s listening.

Jarod: I am.

Carl Will: You’re telling me a man wearing that uniform hasn’t heard this story?

Jarod: I’ve heard the story, I’m interested in the truth.

Parker: What do you mean you’re booked up? Who the hell would purposely stay at the Park Place Motel?
Hotel Assistant: Well, we got a convention. The electric company booked the entire facility.
Broots: Do you know this man?
Hotel Assistant: Jarod. Yeah, he comes through here every now and then. Matter of fact, he did say something about passing through this weekend. Got a meeting or something. I’ll tell you what. You being friends of his and all, you and your brother and…and your dad…you can stay in the celebrity room that I keep open for special guests.
Parker: Celebrity room.
Hotel Assistant: Burl Ives stayed here once. We even had Mama Cass. Not to mention that Osmond boy. You know, the goofy-looking one with the…the big ears.

Broots: You know, I bet it wasn’t Donny.

[1.12 - Prison Story]

Parker: He’s not in there, and none of the locals have seen him.
Sydney: Mm-hmmm.
Broots: Maybe we should stake him out.
Parker: They didn’t let you have a weapon, did they?
Broots: No.
Parker: And where do you propose we do our stakeout?
Broots: Right there.

[1.12 - Prison Story]

Broots: Okay, the arrangements are all set, Sydney. Uh, oh, uh…
Parker: Go on, Broots, what arrangements?
Sydney: Mr Broots will be joining us. Uh, the director thinks a little technical support might help.
Parker: Technical support?
Broots: Well, she thinks that some details are getting overlooked, that you and Sydney are maybe a little too emotionally involved with Jarod.
Parker: And you’re the fix?
Broots: Well…An objective eye, maybe. Uh, I’ll get the car.
Parker: Duller than hockey in September.

[1.12 - Prison Story]

Well, the Director is right. Broots *is* an onjective eye, and MP and Syd *are* too emotionally involved. *_*

Sydney: There’s been a breakthrough concerning Jarod’s next destination.
Parker: Top Hat Cafe pay phone, January weekend of the 15th, meeting with cowboy regarding Parker brothers. I don’t have a brother, do i, Sydney?
Sydney: That I don’t know. What we do know is the 15th is this coming weekend and that the note is distinctly written in Jarod’s hand.
Parker: Clean up team find this?
Sydney: In Jarod’s last lair, stuck in the toilet pipe after having been flushed.

[1.12 - Prison Story]

Last famous words…

DSA: 20th May, ’70
Young Jarod: I don’t wanna die. But I know its too late to change any of that.
Sydney: There’s nothing you want to confess?
Young Jarod: You keep asking me for the truth when that’s all I’ve ever given you.
Sydney: Even in the face of death, you maintain your innocence?
Young Jarod: Yes. He’s innocent Sydney. An innocent man is going to die.
[1.12 - Prison Story]

Tag Game!

Rule #1, always post the rules.

Rule #2, answer the questions the person who tagged you in asked

Rule #3, tag 11 people then link them in the post.

Rule #4, tell them you tagged them.

Rule #5, tell the person that tagged you you’ve answered the questions.

I was tagged by i-vote-crowley, thanks a lot!

1. Age: plus 20 or minus?
I’m going to be 27 in a few days.

2. Fast Food or Organic?
I’m not a very healthy person. So Fast Food, always.

3. Where are you more often: Facebook or tumblr?
I’ve always been more on Facebook ‘til a couple of years ago. Since when I discover tumblr this social started to be like a new home to me. I love tumblr, it gave my on line life a new direction.

4. Balthazar or Gadreel?
If we’re talking about Supernatural, I don’t watch it. But I will choose Balthazar for the sound of the name.

5. Doctor Who: 9, 10 or 11?
This is a hard question, but I have a ready answer. 10th, always. I love David Tennant, he was the best Doctor, maybe because I loved his entire storyline with Rose. I love Matt Smith very much, and his relationship with River Song was just great. But 10th will always be my doctor. Always!

6. If you had the choice: Hunting with the Winchesters or a trip through time and space with the Doctor?
Well, as I mentioned before I don’t watch Supernatural. And even if those two boys are just gorgeous, I’ll always choose a trip through time and space with the Doctor. Any Doctor :)

7. The coolest Sci Fi show ever.
This is a difficult one. If I don’t think carefully I would answer Alias, because that will always be my fave sci-fi show. But Alias wasn’t only a sci-fi show, it was also action and drama and so much more.
So a much easier question, just watch my blog and you’ll got your answer. The Pretender. I know it’s been a few years, but THIS will always be my show, for many reasons. I grew up with it. #ThePretenderLives in my heart.

8. Your favourite (tumblr) blog.
This is easy: iwouldlovetoeatyourtoast, my fave blogger ever.

9. Your favourite band.
Well, I’ve got a few. I’ll tell you the 5 of them I love more.
Coldplay, Oasis, Foo Fighters, Muse, The Killers.

10. Your favourite animal.
Dolphin. I’ ve always loved dolphins, since I was a little girl. My real dream is to swim with a dolphin.

I summon:

1. Colors: Black or white?

2. Restaurant Chains: Mc Donald’s or Burger King?

3. C.I.A. Agents: Sydney Bristow or Michael Westen?

4. 10th Doctor Who Companions: Rose Tyler, Martha Jones or Donna Noble?

5. James Cameron’s kolossals: Titanic, Avatar or The Terminator 1 & 2?

6. Fave Soundtrack Composer.

7. Fave show of the 90s.

8. Fave Star Trek Series.

9. Oscars 2014: You were for Leonardo DiCaprio or Matthew McConaughey?

10. Choose a show: Friends or HIMYM.

There are times that I ask myself, was it fair to be left with an OTP whose most intense sexual relationship consisted of a slight hand touch and the most frustrating almost kiss in history?

I don’t think so.


never doubt my ability to watch the same episode of something ten thousand times and remain just as interested and entertained every single time