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Miss Parker Jarod


I don’t understand people who don’t ship Miss Parker with Jarod. I just ask, did you watch the show??? How could you not see how perfect they are?

Yes they shared few scenes. Most was on the phone or in referencing each other to others. But seriously, how can you not ship them. I understand if shipping isn’t your thing. But if you are a shipper and you ship anything besides Parker Jarod I don’t understand you.

Amen to that!

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This is business Jarod not personal, no matter how hard you try and make it that way.

[1.17 - Keys]

I love this scene. So much going on here. He knows her so well. Later he drives it home with “I still remember the little girl who gave me my first kiss.” But here it’s just them and you can tell there is a lot being said without being said. Pretender was the best at this. And the last bit is just cute.

I love everything about your comment, and I totally agree with the fact that tP was the best in leaving unsaid things, not only between the main MPJ couple but also between others (Syd & Jarod, Parker and Sydney…).

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Parker: What?
Jarod: Did you get the ring?
Parker: Yes. Thank you Jarod.
Jarod: Did you find your answer?
Parker: I think I know who killed my mother but right now I’m more concerned with why she died.
Jarod: It was for the children.
Parker: For you, Jarod. The way I see it she died trying to save you.
Jarod: You’re angry.
Parker: I won’t stop chasing you and I won’t chase my past any more.
Jarod: What if it chases you?
Parker: I’ll ignore it.
Jarod: You make the rules.
Parker: That’s just the way I like it!

[1.17 - Keys]

I don’t have much to say about this conversation, except that it speaks for itself. It’s not one of my fave MPJ phone calls, maybe because she ends it so abruptly, but the fact that she actually *thanks* Jarod for sending her mother’s ring is something really special and unusual.
This is also the last OTP moment of the first season: After this episode there isn’t much space left for MPJ. They see each other twice (always on the run) and they speak just once (almost accidentally).

Oh, and I adore J grinning like that at the end =)

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