Trust can kill you or set you free

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DSA: 6th Feb, ’68

Sydney: Jarod has expressed his inability to complete the simulation without another pretender. As a result, I’ve convinced a colleague to establish new parameters for the Pretender program. Jarod, there’s someone I want you to meet. Jarod, this is Kyle. Kyle, Jarod.
Young Jarod: Hi.
Young Kyle: Hi.

Jarod: Where did they take you, Kyle?

[1.18 - Unhappy Landings]

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Raines: You look upset, Mr Broots. Is everything alright?
Broots: Tracking Jarod is a full time job, sir.
Raines: And you’ve been putting in long hours. I’m distressed to discover that you took your computer off the network. It makes me wonder if your loyalties are to this mission or some personal endevour.
Broots: I, I don’t have any personal endevours.
Raines: Perhaps I should reacquaint you with the consequences of lying to the Centre.
Sydney: Broots’ actions are under my authority.
Raines: Then I should hold you responsible for the lack of results.
Sydney: You can do whatever you like, but we won’t get any results until you get out of my way.
Raines: I have business to attend to. We’ll discuss this further at another time.
Sydney: You know where to find me.

[1.18 - Unhappy Landings]

The dichotomy between Sydney and Raines was one of the best things in The Pretender.

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Broots: Miss Parker. I’m packing in the search, I’m out of it.
Parker: Why?
Broots: I got results on some of the other names from your mother’s files. Most of them are dead.
Parker: Don’t you fall apart on me now, Broots.
Broots: No. You don’t understand. They died of sudden, unexplained illnesses, all within the last six months.
Parker: Oh, my God.
Broots: Yes. This is bad. This is…very…I gotta go.

[1.18 - Unhappy Landings]

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Miss Parker & White Bunnies

[1x08 || 1x18]

What’s with her and white bunnies?
She’s so lovely with them.

And I sense some symbolism, here.
White Bunnies.
And Miss Parker, like Alice, is falling down the rabbit hole…

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Parker: If I may ask…how did Dara…
Mrs Landers: Surgery. Removing her appendix. One minute she was just fine, and the next minute…
Parker: What’s this?
Mrs Landers: Oh, uh, Dara had it when, when your mother brought her to us. You can have it if you like. We wanted all of Dara’s friends to have a memento.
Parker: Thank you.

[1.18 - Unhappy Landings]

So many ‘thank you’ in this episode… *_*

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Mrs Landers: Dara was a gifted child. She graduated college at 17. She loved the theatre, playing the different roles. Even when she was a little girl, she would make up an entire world and then lose herself in it.
Parker: She seemed to have a very happy life.
Mrs Landers: We wanted to give her the best that any child could possibly have.
Parker: The lawyer who arranged the adoption, do you know his name?
Mrs Landers: Steinman. Mnn, no. Uh, ‘berg’. Steinberg. Michael Stienberg. Yes.
Parker: Do you know where I might find him?
Mrs Landers: I’m sorry. He move away without a word. Um, I think it was back in ’82.
Parker: And you had no further contact with my mother?
Mrs Landers: No. No, but I remember that Mr. Stienberg said she had a dream of moving to Europe, of giving her little daughter a better life. That must have been you.

[1.18 - Unhappy Landings]

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Parker: Hello, I’m looking for Dara Landers.
Mrs Landers: I thought one day you might come.
Parker: Might come?
Mrs Landers: You’re Dara’s sister, aren’t you?
Parker: Her sister?
Mrs Landers: You look just like the woman who gave Dara up for adoption. Her name was Catherine.
Parker: Parker.
Mrs Landers: I’m not sure. The lawyer was the only one who knew her last name.
Parker: May I speak with Dara?
Mrs Landers: I assumed you knew. Dara passed away two months ago.

[1.18 - Unhappy Landings]

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Dr Shafton: Sydney. Would you tell me more about these violent fantasies you’ve been having?
Sydney: I think about what Raines did. Take Angelo. Angelo was my project…very special. That is until Raines twisted him into something else. When I think of all the innocent minds he has destroyed.
Dr Shafton: Can’t you solicit help from someone from the Centre, the Director?
Sydney: I cannot trust her. I cannot trust anyone of authority at the Centre.
Dr Shafton: What about Miss Parker?
Sydney: She digs into matters she shouldn’t. I’ve warned her several times, but she won’t listen to me.
Dr Shafton: How does that make you feel?
Sydney: Angry! Helpless!
Dr Shafton: What else? What else Sydney?
Sydney: I can’t take much more.

[1.18 - Unhappy Landings]

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