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Parker: Daddy?!
Mr. Parker: Sure as hell not Santa Claus. Brother Rinaldus has been my faithful servant for years. But God does not fogive acts of agrresion against one’s mother. Neither do I, right, Angel?
Raines: Now I can radio Adama we have the scrolls…and Jarod.
Mr. Parker: Long live the Centre.

[Island of the Haunted]

How much do you hate Mr. Parker at this moment?
But I love that worried look Miss Parker sends at Jarod.
You can see how much sorry she is…
I probably started to worship her, here.

Brother Rinaldus: Aye. Our scrolls. We knew you could find what we never able to.
Parker: You must be the one that killed Ocee and Brother Menenicus.
Jarod: And you’re the one who tried to kill my mother.
Brother Rinaldus: Acts that are done for God’s good works shall always remain acts of piety. And now, give me those scrolls.

[Island of the Haunted]

Parker: “I tego arcana Dei.” What’s it mean?
Jarod: Begone, for I conceal the secrets of God.
Parker: Let’s see what secrets God has for us.

[Island of the Haunted]

Parker: I found what the Angel was looking at. The word “arcana.”
Jarod: The serpent is looking at “Dei.” “I tego arcana Dei.”
Parker: But there’s no box that the figures are looking at with those words on it.
Jarod: Yes. There’s one.

[Island of the Haunted]

Ah Ah, Miss Parker frightening Jarod is so cool.
I just love his expression there. And I love the way Miss Parker holds his left arm with her right hand.
These two…So great to see them together… *_*

Parker: Brother Menenicus.
Jarod: Something tells me he’s not the one who killed Ocee.
Parker: Someone doesn’t want us to find the scrolls. You take the serpent. I’ll take the cherub. And watch your back. We’re definitely not alone.

[Island of the Haunted]

Ok, so she puts her hand on his chest. That’s *new*.
And Jarod looks at Parker as if he wanted to eat her right there!
Those kind of gazes can be shared only between a man and a woman who are very very intimate with one another.
Which is pretty weird, seeing that these two haven’t been kissing each other since they were 11.
And yet, they had this twisted relationship so full of intimacy and UST

Jarod: Meet the demon Asmodaeus.
Parker: Ugly son of a bitch. Reminds me of Raines.
All he’s staring at is a blank wall.
Jarod: Perhaps.
Parker: “I tego.” What’s it mean?
Jarod: By itself, probably nothing. But my guess is that the cherub and the serpent are both looking at words- clues that might lead us to the scrolls.
Parker: Jarod…

[Island of the Haunted]


The Pretender - Island of the Haunted

If you look carefully you realize that during this movie Miss Parker is always so close to Jarod…So nice to see them together…

Always reblog *_*


Miss Parker: But where are they?
Jarod: I know where one of them is…

Ok, did anyone notice that he touches her arm in the last moments of this scene?! And she doesn’t kill him. Ahw, I love this movie… So good to see them together…